I am running as a Republican in the 2016 California election seeking the nomination in the U.S. Senate.

I possess a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, STRONG CONVICTIONS and am ever OPTIMISTIC.  It is my DETERMINATION to do what is best for our nation that provides the impetus for my ACTIONS.   I, too, feel that what we believe, we can achieve and for that the power of IMAGINATION IS CAPABLE OF SURPASSING THAT OF KNOWLEDGE.


It is not in our best interests for our government to say it is doing what is best for us.  We, as citizens, must get personally involved.

Why am I running for the Senate? Because, as I travel throughout this beautiful state and across this magnificent country, most of the American people I talk to are extremely concerned and tired of the acrimony, and also tired of the tendency to cater to well-funded special-interest groups. Decisions are not being made based on what is best for the American people but instead are based on lobbyists and others who can help them with their reelections. It’s time for new faces and new ideas in Washington. I’m one of those new faces.


Sen. Barbara Boxer is not delivering on some of her principle responsibilities to Californians and Americans overall. Real unemployment numbers, not those politically adjusted, are too high and unacceptable and our economy is failing to grow while the debt is. My first act upon assuming office would be to work to secure federal funding for improvements to the twin ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles thereby enabling them to process more freight and subsequently provide more opportunities for employment of Californians. 


In the area of foreign policy, it's time to shift the focus from costly foreign entanglements, such asAfghanistan, and refocus our efforts and our monies to an emphasis on domestic defense of our borders and other domestic priorities such as infrastructure, education, immigration, balancing the budget and reducing the national debt.


As for immigration, I favor providing a path to citizenship for people who are in the country illegally, but I oppose giving grants to children of illegal immigrants for college. Their parents should become citizens first. My grandparents emigrated legally from Germany.




As a Senator I will apply a new acronym for the word ACTION.


Accountable by adapting


Courage to act


Think outside of the box


Innovate with initiative


Overcome - ¨It Can Be Done¨


Negotiation is the key to all solutions and challenges






Linking myself to a greater cause of service to my fellow man, which I call life's greatest triumph.